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Q&A with Tahlequah’s Grace McKee – Presented by Stuteville Ford

VYPE: What are your goals this season in cheer, both personally as a team?
Grace: My goal this season personally is leadership and having a voice amongst the team, as a team our goal is to win state and work together as more of a family rather than just teammates.

VYPE: Where do you feel like you’ve improved the most going into this year?
Grace: I feel as though I’ve grown stronger in my tumbling and confidence.

VYPE: What are your strengths and what have you improved on the most over the course of your high school career?
Grace: Through my high school career I have improved in my stunting ability and tumbling physically but I have also very much improved in my mental strength. Cheer can be a very overwhelming sport so being able to balance my mental health has been a struggle in the past but I have very much grown this past year with the help of my amazing coaches and teammates.

VYPE: What’s your most memorable cheer moment during your high school career?
Grace: The most memorable moment in my high school career was competing at state last year. Though we were very rushed in the warm up room and had to literally run to make it on the mat in time, we still hit a clean routine and we were very proud at the end.

VYPE: Who has been your biggest influence and why when it comes to cheer?
Grace: My biggest influence for cheer in all honesty would be my younger self and her dreams. I’ve been doing cheer since I was 4 years old and have always had big dreams with the sport. So today when I’m struggling I remind myself to not let her down.

VYPE: What are your plans after high school (college, work, etc)?
Grace: I have big plans after graduation, I am trying out for the University of Arkansas and the University of South Florida for cheer.

VYPE: What are some of your achievements?
Grace: Achievements that I have include I am captain of the schools girls soccer team that I have been a 4 year varsity member of, I am also a senior class representative on student council.

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